With the advancements in technology, there has been no better time to create your very own smart home.
Some devices turn on your lights clean your house control your thermostat and a whole lot more here’s.
Devices include several tasks of daily home base needs. These devices fulfill our daily essentials needs of homes, such as
Turn on lights , Clean house

Control Thermostat and much more!

If you’re starting out planning your smart home strategy was having a reliable, intelligent speaker is essential for any well assembled smart home system depending on which company.

Best smart speaker for use Amazon Alexa And Google assistant

An excellent starter for any smart home.Best speakers for Amazon Alexa and Google assistant the best intelligent speaker for use.

Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Echo it integrates with your Amazon account to easily control your devices. It has a stylish look with five colors to choose from and surprisingly the sound quality is excellent especially when compared to the echo dot if you’re just getting started with Alexa the Amazon echo is our recommendation as the first speaker you should get it’s affordable for the list price of $99.99.

Google assistant:

Google home as the first voice-activated speaker you should consider for controlling your smart home devices even though it looks like an air freshener. It has a stylish design that looks better in our home than expected for its size. It has the excellent sound quality, and with its unique voice recognition capabilities, multiple accounts can be linked using the Google home app for personalized responses it retails for 129 it’s occasionally on sale for less than a hundred.

Wemo mini:

Smart plug is our favorite it’s simple and easy to use giving you voice control of your lights or any other appliance that you plug into it works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant unlike some of the other smart plugs available it won’t block adjacent outlets the Wemo mini quick plug list price is $34.99.

Philips Hue

Best smart lighting is the Philips hue family of products which are all compatible with Alexa and google assistant even though they’re not the least expensive and require the Philips smart hub to operate we chose them due to the large number of products they offer for lighting your home making adding to an existing lighting system easier.

Getting one of their starter kits with the smart hub included the white 4-pack starter kit lists for around $100 but you can often get it for much less than that we decided to go with the white and color or pack starter kit for added flexibility its list price is $199.99 it goes on sale quite often as well.

Tp-link Wi-Fi light

Dumb lights you have around your home the Tp-link Wi-Fi light switch may be what you need in addition to controlling those lights through the switch with Google assistant and Alexa it also acts as a physical switch to turn your lights on or off the Tp-link Wi-Fi light switch is affordable with a list price of $39.99.

Smart thermostat

The best smart thermostat is the Eco Bee before this newer version includes a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. That can also work with any device that supports the Google assistant. With superior room sensors than its competitors it helps to reduce cold or hot spots in your home there’s no need to call an electrician to install it installation in our house took me about 20 minutes a room sensor is included with the Eco before with a list price of two hundred and forty-nine dollars.

That concludes this year for the best smart home tech.