The process colors CMYK why we use them instead of RGB and how they are used in offset lithography and flexography and all the other printing techniques.

CMYK what does it stand for well C stamps of cyan and magenta, Yellow and K the key color. What key color means is that it’s black.

The key color is black so why do they call it key color well the main reason why is because in printing processes, for example, offset lithography there are four parts to the complete print. Part one which only prints I(sign) part two which only prints magenta part three which only prints yellow and part 4 which only prints key color.

Why it’s called key color is because all of the other rollers or parts or whatever you want to visualize them as are aligned with this first, Roller that is key black that’s why it’s good key color.

well, first things first RBG stands for red green blue.CMYK a rule lighter colors so you got a yellow cyan which is a light blue magenta which is a light pinkish red and what that does is that means that it can get a lighter range of colors.

So the really light Pink’s the really light yellows they’re really PI oranges although them good stuff, but the RGB because it’s red green blue it’s quite limited in how light it can go and obviously the key color if you want to get a darker range is added to make C darker.

Use some words like offset lithography and flexography that I will talk about in a new series of article’s these things are printing processes and they will be in new payers called printing processes.