Anyone own either a galaxy s9 or s9 plus you’ve likely just had or will be getting very soon depending on where you live the new.Android 9 PIE update which brings along with it Samsung’s new one UI and some very cool.

Seven new features of Android 9 PIE

Night mode
Lock screen
Gesture navigation
Rotation toggle
Lift awake
Easy Screenshot:
Lock-down mode

Night mode
Enable a system-wide dark mode. Which applies a dark theme to the device including the notification tray the settings venue and all Samsung Apps?
It saves battery is easier on your eyes especially at night and looks a lot better.

Lock screen

Something that annoyed about intelligence scam, that if anyone
Just wanted to check your lock screen notifications by the time you’d done, so your phone had already registered your face and irises and unlocked your phone.

New gesture navigation
The feature which allows us to stay on the lock screen and require a swipe to go to the home screen very similar tiled the iPhone works this. It’s probably impressive new features, and it’s the new gesture navigation.
If anybody always been want to hide the navigation bar in apps for a
full-screen experience and before you’d have to swipe up to make the nav-bar appear to press home then or back now If anybody wants to hide it entirely and instead swipes up in the appropriate area of
The screen to either go home go back or switch apps are so much simpler also choose to either have mini gesture hints at the bottom of the
Screen or get rid of them entirely.

Rotation toggle
Auto rotate still works as usual but If anybody wants to turn it off to take advantage of this new feature. Now when people turn your phone Sideways a little icon will pop up prompting you to allow the screen to rotate it’s handy in situations, might want to turn your phone sideways and not have it auto rotate while still giving you full control over
when anybody want it to this feature is automatically enabled when auto-rotate turned own.

Lift awake

Useful and is a long-overdue feature.
or you’d have to press the power button, or hard press the home button to
Activate the screen to then unlock your phone with intelligence can but if anybody enables this new feature anybody can lift your phone, and the screen will turn on automatically. While at the same time starting the intelligence scan to get into your phone as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort and in my experience it’s a lot quicker it already starts scanning as soon as you lift it.

Easy ScreenShot

Small but rather cool new feature instead of having to hold power and volume button for what seemed like an eternity. Just press them, and it will instantly take a screenshot, automatically enabled with the new update.

Lock-down mode

Secure lock settings you can toggle a show lockdown option which when enabled will allow you to hold the power burn and select lockdown mode once press this all forms of smart lock and biometric unlocking are disabled meaning the only way to get into your phone is to enter the correct PIN.

for example, Someone is at asleep it means nobody could get into your phone by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner without you knowing if anybody the sole person that gets paranoid about stuff like that then this is a new feature for you.

Those are 7 of my new favorite features in the Galaxy S 9 Android Pie
Samsung UI update.